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ComfyBot - A Patrol Robot 



 Tirdad Kiamanesh​


Overview of the project

Anyone who has spent time in a large interior space will know that the variations of temperature can be significant, and there is always the possibility that something will go wrong, causing even greater problems. In this project, a small robotic car equipped with sensors has been designed to traverse the interior walls, capturing and reporting any anomalies.



What I learned 


I have never worked on a robotic project before this one. Let's say I have never worked with Arduino, so I divided the project into different phases.


First, I started with an old Lego Mindstorm kit which I found at the IIT Idea Lab. I used it because I didn't need to build the chassis and mechanical parts, also I didn't need to learn to code, so I could focus on the programming and learn the logic of that.


After that I started to work with a robot kit, at the beginning, I just followed the kit instruction to learn how to code an Arduino board. The result was a line following robot.


Later on, I hacked the robot and added two ultrasonic sensors. One in front to avoid obstacles and the other one on the side to keep the robot in a constant distance from the wall. I rewrite the code and also, I equipped the robot with a camera stick and a thermal camera which was connected to the operator device. 

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