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Gol Cup


Finalist of Golestan Tea cup competition. The aim was to develop a symbol for the brand.

Tirdad Kiamanesh golestan tea cup
Tirdad Kiamanesh golestan tea cup

Do The Wish

The concept is a nice combination between Persian cultures and the needs of a place to put “to do list” notes. The concept has been selected by the jury to Exhibit in the Fourisalone Sarpi bridge during Salone del Mobile as a resemble of combination between of the old heritages and modern needs."​​



The concept published in Yanko Design , Welke Magazine of Netherland and Raylie Fashion Pioneer of China.

An Investigation of the Cognitive Effect of Color on Facilitating the Interaction between Elderly Users and the Remotes for Electric Appliances

The article presented in the conference at Rome in 2011 and then publishe in the conference magazine.​​​​

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