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Gensler - Digital Platform Innovation for Interior Designers 



Julia Shao, Aiko Ito, Juan Alfonso de la Rosa, Yang Cheng Hsiang, Sara Tashakorinia, Tirdad Kiamanesh.




 Larry Keeley, Carlos Teixeira ( 2 classes, 6 weeks each )




Doblin, Gensler, Designer Pages


Overview of the project


The goal of the project was to improve the digital library of the Gensler and find a smart solution to share the knowledge and experience among all Gensler's offices all around the world. We worked with Designer Pages' CEO, their clients, and Gensler to understand the orthodoxies of the industry, trends, and needs. We realized that designers use different tools and manage the projects on different platforms. We designed a roadmap for the Designer Pages and managed three different waves to achieve our goal. 


Methods & Activities


  • Secondary research 

  • User interview

  • Observation

  • Mind map

  • Stakeholder value map

  • Brainstorming

  • Round robin

  • Identifying orthodoxies 

  • 10 type of innovation  

  • Business canvas model

  • User flow chart

  • User Test

  • Roadmap  


How 48 offices all around the globe which are working around the clock with 2700 active clients can save, document, share and search on a digital library. 

Sarah Kleber

Interior Designer, HKS

" I need a software which can help me to interact faster and more efficient with senior designers "

Todd Heiser

Design Principal, Gensler

" An ideal platform in my mind can feedback the emotions of people while interacting with my design."


" We have 50 offices all around the world, sharing experience and knowledge among all of these offices is a big challenge for us "

3 Waves of Innovation


After we finalized the road map, we considered three waves to bring this innovation to the platform. In each wave, we cover some levels of the road map. It helps me to implement the new ideas to the system but in the same time have a rigid goal and plan.

Stakeholders Value Exchange 

First wave, streaming the current workflow 

Simpler web page with the ability for designers to create their own palette, share it with other team members and receive feedback. Also the spec standardized base on designer needs.

Second wave, data also available based on location, big data predicts themes and trends 

The third wave, catalog the world by AR / VR and product recognition technology, collect emotional feedback  

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