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806 N Bishop

Chicago, IL


Tel: ( 580 )  235  5055

tirdad kiamanesh
Some lines about me



My name is Tirdad Kiamanesh, I was born in Tehran, Iran.


I am curious about life itself and would like to explore new places and get various experiences in different aspects of life. To be honest, the hardest question for me to answer is “ What is your favorite … ? “. If you dared to ask, you have to be prepared to listen for hours of my experiences.


I have a degree in Physics from Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) in Tehran, Iran. Later, I found myself interested in design principles, therefore I got a degree in Industrial Design from Tehran University in Tehran, Iran. Then I moved to Milan to specialize in product design from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy ( IED Milano ).


Improving people’s life condition has been the main focus of my design and in general my lifestyle. Now I am working as a product designer and try to put my life and design principles together to achieve my goals.


All of us is capable of solving a problem in this puzzled world. Life is too short not to take an action.

tirdad kiamanesh
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