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I’m a creative problem solver with extensive design experience looking for the opportunity to lead and manage teams in creating disruptive solutions at the intersection of design, culture, and change.

Understand the Problem

Every project starts by better understanding the problem and empathizes with users. Data is collected from all stakeholders through primary and secondary research methods to provide a deeper understanding of users, behaviors, trends, and market.

Analyze and Synthesize

Using frame works to analyze and synthesize the data gathered in the previous phase to generate new insights and find new concepts to tackle complex problems.

Design and


Using the concepts framed in the previous step to design and make prototypes, this is an iterative process between insights, concepts, prototypes and testing with users to ensure that ideas are valid.

Finalize and Implement

Every detail must be considered and refined. The final delivery to the client should be viable, feasible and desirable, with a vision towards implementation.

that I follow as a creative problem solver


achieved with multidisciplinary teams

Interaction Design & Experience Design

so far

My Experience


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My Thoughts

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How autonomous cars will change our life
Experiencing Evolutionary Algorithm in Design
Helping a 6-year-old boy play baseball for the first time

Contact Me

Thank you for reviewing my Portfolio. Please get in touch to find out more.

Chicago, IL

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