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Aniko - Solution for Upwardly Mobile People in India



Roxanne Knapp, Amit Tilekar, Jaydip Biniwale, Tirdad Kiamanesh




Godrej and Boyce


Overview of the project


I completed 4 weeks long consulting project with Godrej & Boyce's innovation group as a member of the Institute of Design's India Immersion Program 2016. I co-facilitated a design sprint with another ID classmate, Roxanne Knapp and two Godrej employees, Amit Tilekar ( Digital marketing manager at Godrej appliances ) and Jaydeep Biniwale ( System Designer ). The Godrej members helped us to immerse and understand Indian culture faster and in return, we taught them about research and innovation methods.


Our result


Elevating kitchens in aspirational homes of Indians with storage solutions for upwardly mobile renters, digital experience of customers, digital marketplace and the roadmap for the implementation. 


4 weeks to focus on changes to nearly every aspect of trade in India as a result of digital migration. Our team had to select one of Godrej’s product categories and create digitally enabled platform based solutions. 

Methods & Activities


  • Market research 

  • Contextual research

  • User interview

  • Observation

  • Mind map

  • Stakeholder value map

  • Brainstorming

  • 10 type of innovation  

  • User Test

  • Roadmap  


What we learned and how we learned it in just 4 weeks

Secondary research

Several trends were taken from the 2011 India Census and a Boston Consulting Group megatrend data pack informed the team’s understanding of the value of exploring urban upwardly mobile users.

Primary Research

Internal Context 



Understand the market dynamics, current industry outlook of the appliance and the furniture business, and how Godrej businesses are looking at opportunities around the younger customer segment with lower existing engagement with

Godrej products.





1. Meeting with Ms. Swati Rathi, Marketing Head of Godrej Appliances

2. Meeting with Mr. Bedraj Tripathy, Marketing Head of Godrej Interio

User Research



Understand how urban upwardly mobile people use their spaces, how they

shop, what values are important to them, what their aspirations are and how

these aspirations play a role in their decision making.






User research included 7 interviews with 9 participants (two joint interviews

with married couples).

User Research Participant Map

Unique Activities 


As we had a limit time, we created new activities to gain more information during our interviews.


A. Circulation:


we asked the participants to draw their house plan and walked us through their daily activities.


B. Card Activity: 


participants were asked to write down their values in life, their favorite activities and qualities they are looking for in the products they buy. Then they were asked to connect them to their favorite brands. 



What the research brought out of the shadow and put lights on it.


Research insights

The final concept is protected by NDA contract; here you can see some of the team ideas and progress toward the ultimate solution


Initial concept

Failed concept

Modular refrigerator

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