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Float Series

Everyone uses objects. We are constantly surrounded by them. In fact, it is nearly impossible to live without them. However, more often than not, we accept them as they are and rarely question or even consider the possibility that they could look, feel, or be used in different ways. We are accustomed to and maybe yet comfortable with their ‘standardness'; As someone deeply curious about people’s ‘relationships’ and interactions with objects, I am interested in looking at everyday objects from a different perspective and challenging not only their form but practicality and function as well. I feel that as designers, it is our responsibility to do so.


A fluid design inspired by the sea and yachts to bring new functionalities to the bathtub and basin, which have largely been forgotten. This design makes life simpler and simultaneously brings new and modern forms to your bathroom. This project attempts to solve the challenge of designing a bathtub that is not only safe, comfortable and practical for all ages, but also hygienic and easy to clean. Its unique interior shape offers an excellent position for relaxation while reducing the amount of water used for bathing. The Float Series is beautiful, seamless, and functional in surprising new ways.


 It has a natural form which helps the user to understand it. Steps guide him to how to enter and exit. The rectangular form of the inner side is provided and ergonomic space for the user to relax there. The basin has a better function for kids, and short people as the tab is more accessible.


Concept won A'Design Award in 2016 at product design category and also published in Tuvie and later in several online magazines as well as R&R AssociatesTrend Hunter

Tirdad Kiamanesh, Float akrilan
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A'Design award certificate
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